New Meridian customers are known to be extremely loyal and often return to purchase subsequent systems after their first purchasing experience.

This section contains an archive of the countless emails, and praise letters received over the years.

"You and the staff took a juggernaut of mismatched parts and pieces comprising 15 workstations and assisted us in turning the operation into a very usable and service workable system.”
~ Larry Clark, President, Clark & Leatherwood
“The prices at New Meridian are highly competitive, even less than State Contract Pricing in many cases, and we believe that the firm gives us the best prices they can. We have found that the Dell equipment provided is of high quality and offers excellent service.”
~ Lee Galloway, Town Manager, Waynesville NC
“New Meridian has proven their worth to us over and over. Every time we call, always in a bind, they are quick to respond and correct all problems. And given our location, this is saying so much. We have grown to depend on New Meridian.”
~ Mindy Wood, The Swag Country Inn